Participant Authored/Co-Authored Papers

The first four years of the REU led to publication of a book chapter and 15 presentations, demonstrations, and posters presented at regional or national conferences that have included thirteen of the 51 participants as authors or co-authors:

Student Publications:

  1. 1.A. Ajo, S. Henderson, A. A. (Louis) Beex, and C. Dietrich, Audio Channel Dynamic Spectrum Access, IEEE SoutheastCon 2014, Lexington, KY, March 13-16, 2014.

  2. Boubacar Abdou-Tchoussou, "Investigation and Evaluation of Perfromance Metrics in Dynamic Spectrum Access," SNCURCS Abstract Book, 2014, page 40.

  3.  T. P. Zachariah, R. Isaac, L. Kim, and N. Rios, “Development of Space Weather Monitoring System and Statistical Study of GPS Scintillations,” in American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2012.

  4. C. B. Dietrich, E. W. Wolfe, and G. M. Vanhoy, “Cognitive radio testing using psychometric approaches: applicability and proof of concept study,” Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, vol. 73, no. 2, pp. 627–636, 2012.

  5.  C.B. Dietrich, E.W. Wolfe, G.M. Vanhoy, "Evaluation of Multi-Objective Optimizers for Cognitive Radio using Psychometric Methods: Analysis using Unidimensional and Multidimensional Rasch Models," Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications CROWNCOM), Stockholm, Sweden, June 18-20, 2012.

  6. E.W. Wolfe, C.B. Dietrich, G. Vanhoy, Application of the Rasch model to measuring the performance of cognitive radios, Fifth International Conference on Probabilistic Models for Measurement, Perth, Australia, January 23-25, 2012.

  7.  Edwin CordovaChris Evans, Zachary Leffke, Noel Torres, Oscar Valle, Randall Nealy, and Carl Dietrich, "SDR Receiver for Amateur Satellites and Cubesat Ground Station," SDR11/WinnComm, Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2011.

  8.  D. Chen, G. Vanhoy, M. Beaufait, C. Dietrich, "OSSIE/GNU Radio Generic Component Performance Analysis Over Distributed Systems," SDR11/WinnComm, Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2011

  9.  C.B. Dietrich, E.W. Wolfe, G. Vanhoy, Cognitive Radio Testing using Psychometric Approaches, SDR11/WinnComm, Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2011. (Nominated for best of R&D track, journal submission invited).

  10.  O. Valle, Z. Leffke, "Cube Satellite Ground Station: A software defined radio solution," 2011 HBCU/OMI Collaboration Symposium, Cleveland State University, July 26-­27, 2011.

  11. 10. M. Beaufait, D. Chen, C. Dietrich, C.B. Dietrich, G. Vanhoy, "Transition from Undergraduate Research Program Participants to Researchers and Open Source Community Contributors," 118th ASEE Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 26-29, 2011.

  12.  D. Chen, G. Vanhoy, M. Beaufait, C.B. Dietrich, "OSSIE/GNU Radio Generic Component," 2011 Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS 2011), New York, NY, April 13-15, 2011.

  13. Chen, D.; Vanhoy, G.; Beaufait, M.; Dietrich, C.B., “OSSIE/GNU Radio Generic Component Demonstration,” SDR’10 Technical Conference, Washington, DC, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2010.

  14.  Hilburn, B.C.; Rodgers, W.; Newman, T. R.; Bose, T.,“CROSS – A Distributed and Modular Cognitive Radio Framework,” Proc. SDR Forum Technical Conference 2009.


Faculty Authored Papers:

1. T. Smith-Jackson, T. Bose, K. Thamvichai, C. Dietrich,Inclusive academic practices in an undergraduate engineering research experience, In T. Marek, W. Karwowski, and V. Rice (Eds.). Advances in Understanding Human Performance: Neuroergonomics, Human Factors Design, and Special Populations, Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, 2010, pp. 412 421

2. R. Thamvichai, C. Dietrich, T. Bose, T. Smith-Jackson,Accelerated Undergraduate Research Experience in Cognitive Radio Communications, 118th ASEE Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 26-29, 2011

3. T. Smith-Jackson, T. Bose, R. Thamvichai, and C. Dietrich, "Inclusive Academic Practices in an Undergraduate Engineering Research Experience," 3rd International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, Miami, FL, July 17-20, 2010.