2013 Mentors

Dr. Kwang-Jin Koh

Dr. KohDr. Kwang-Jin Koh has been an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech since Nov. 2011. Dr. Koh received a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, San Diego, in 2008. Before joining Virginia Tech, he held industrial positions of a senior and senior staff engineer at Intel and Broadcom Corp. and developed RF and analog integrated circuits for Intel microprocessors, wireless radio systems on a chip (SoC), and TV tuner systems.

Dr. Koh received the best paper award from IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society and Electron Device Society, Seoul Chapter, in 2002. His Ph.D work on integrated phased-arrays on silicon technologies has been reported to the Pentagon in a DARPA War Report as one of the major accomplishments in 2007. He also received the Best Team of the Year Award from Teledyne Scientific Corp. (formerly Rockwell Scientific Corp.) in 2010. His major research interests include integrated radio and radar systems in silicon technologies for wireless communications, wireless sensing and detection, and imaging applications at RF, microwave, millimeter and sub-millimeter wave regimes.


 Dr. Yaling Yang

Dr. Yaling YangYaling Yang is currently an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of Virginia Tech. She received her doctorate in computer science in the summer of 2006 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has concentrated her research on design, modeling and analysis of networking protocols and systems. She is an NSF Faculty Early Career Award winner and has been the principal investigator of five NSF funded projects. Her research web site can be found at http://www.ece.vt.edu/yyang8.






Dr. Stephen H. Edwards

Dr. EdwardsDr. Stephen Edwards is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, where he has been teaching since 1996. His research interests include software engineering, component-based development and reuse, automated testing, formal methods in programming languages, and computer science education. He is the project lead for Web-CAT, the most widely used open-source automated grading system in the world. Web-CAT is known for allowing instructors to grade students based on how well they test their own code. In addition, his research group has produced a number of other open-source tools used in classrooms at many other institutions, including Sofia: the Simple Open Framework for Inventive Android Applications, LIFT: the Library for Interface Testing, and Dereferee, a tool for detecting and diagnosing memory management errors in C++ programs. In 2012, Dr. Edwards was appointed as the W.S. “Pete” White Chair for Innovation in Engineering Education by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

Dr. Louis Beex

Dr. BeexA. A. (Louis) Beex is a naturalized US citizen, born in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. He received the “Ingenieur” degree from Technical University Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1974, and the Ph.D. degree from Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO, in 1979; both in Electrical Engineering.

His research interests lie in stochastic, digital, and adaptive signal processing, as in, for example: Doppler and multipath mitigation for acoustic communication channels; analysis and exploitation of nonlinear effects in adaptive signal processing; multipath modeling and mitigation; robust interference mitigation; adaptive sensor array processing, for direction finding in reverberant environments; (spectral) analysis, (adaptive) modeling, and coding of signals (EEG, speech, communications) for detection of specific characteristics.

From 1976 to 1978 he was at Starkey Labs. Inc., Minneapolis MN, as a Staff Research Engineer, working on applications of digital signal processing for the design of advanced hearing instruments, and for their automated evaluation. Since 1979 he has been on the faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA, currently as Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Digital Signal Processing Research Laboratory (DSPRL). During August 1988 he was a Visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering at Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, P.R. China, during November 1999 he was a Visiting Scholar (QUE program) at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia, and during January 2003 he was a Visiting Professor at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur, India. During Fall 2001 he was a National Research Council Senior Research Associate at SSC, San Diego, CA, working on non-linear and time-varying aspects of adaptive filtering.

He has taught short courses in Digital Signal Processing Theory & Applications at Engineering Research Associates and the Central Intelligence Agency, in the Washington DC area. He was a Consultant to American Electric Power, on DSP-oriented power measurements of under-sampled signals containing harmonics, to Shenandoah Electronic Intelligence Inc., on adaptive channel equalization, to Digital System Resources, on DSP related review, to TTC-TPI, on AGC analysis, to Control Dynamics Inc, on analysis of nonlinear dynamic behavior of filter weights for control of nonlinear antenna arrays, to Prime Photonics LC, on signal analysis and decomposition, and to Adaptive Dynamics Inc, on multipath mitigation for satellite communications.

Professor Beex is a Senior Member of IEEE, and Past Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. He serves as a reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing; Circuits and Systems; Aerospace and Electronic Systems; Automatic Control and IEE Proceedings on Radar, Sonar and Navigation and the European Journal Signal Processing, among others.