ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering


Welcome to the REU in Cognitive Communications for 2014!!


durham hall Welcome to all of our new students! We are excited to begin our new adventure! We are once again hosting 10 students for our summer REU in Cognitive Communications, so come meet our students!



NEW! Follow our students' successful adventures on our new Student Update page!

Applications for this year's REU are now closed.



Eligibility: Rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Status, U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status, GPA of 3.0 or Higher



Enjoy comfortable temperatures and fun outdoor activities in the mountains of Virginia. Benefits include:
  • Stipend ($5,000 over 10 weeks)
  • Free on-campus housing
  • Travel allowance up to $600

Detailed information on the application process, complete with the necessary forms and all additional relevant information, can be found on our How to Apply section. A pdf version of our REU flyer is also available for you to download.


Also now available is the Required Reading List for 2014!

This reading list is provided to you to familiarize yourself with the course and the technology. Once you are accepted, you should complete the reading assignments before you attend the REU as you will be asked to present your understanding of the content before the class sometime within the first two weeks. This is usually done with a team member. Still interested? Then start reading!