ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering


Congratulations to Boubacar Abdou-Tchoussou, REU 2014 on his presentation to the SNCURCS, November 22, 2014. Boubacar's topic was an Investigation and Evaluation of Performance Metrics in Dynamic Spectrum Access. On August 30, Boubacar also presented a poster on the same topic during the AGMUS Research Symposium.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Cognitive Communications will NOT be offered this year.

The following REU programs may be of interest: Space @ VT, North Carolina State University, University of Minnesota and Vanderbilt University. Also, a listing of all current NSF REU programs is available at .”

New Opportunities! The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is offering a REU in machine learning with a research emphasis in software engineering, natural language processing, bio-tech and visual recognition. Details are available at

Also, the University of Houston is offering a REU in Multimedia Data Analytics. Details are available at I've also attached their flyer in pdf format.

Congratulations to the REU Students on a successful summer of research!

REU students

The 2014 REU Students Group Photo!

Left to right:

Front row: Boubacar Tchoussou, Edward Powell,Elizabeth Cole, Danielle Ho

Second row: Akshay Iyer, Logan Woodcock, and Ethel Baber

Back row: Ian Ho, Thomas George Vormittag, Frank Lykes Claytor

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